Client: TTM TechnologiesYear: 2019

TTM Technologies

TTM Technologies is a leading global technology solutions company and printed circuit board manufacturer. They focus on quick-turn and volume production of technologically advanced PCBs and backplanes, and the design and manufacture of high-frequency radio frequency and microwave components and assemblies.

We created a branding video to showcase the company’s vision and aspirations for the future. In echoing the brand’s corporate colour blue – the colour which represents intelligence, security and trustworthiness – is being used throughout the video to show the integrity of the organization, the flowing blue lines to symbolise how its invisible technology is providing innovative solutions in most places.

To allow the audience to visualise their advancing technology, we put in 2D motion graphics to show the futuristic aspects of their planning, strategy and executions; while the testimonials of the team provide the human touch behind this advancement and progressively helping to solve everyday business challenges.

Behind the Scene

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