Client: Hong Kong SAR GovernmentYear: 2017

HKSAR 20th Anniversary

To commemorate the 20th anniversary of the establishment of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR), a wide variety of celebrations were scheduled in the community and we were commissioned to produce a TV Announcement in the Public Interest (API) to give out the general information to the public.



  • Creative Concept
  • Scriptwriting
  • Project Management
  • Art Direction
  • Storyboard
  • Casting
  • Graphic Design
  • 2D Animation
  • 3D Animation
  • Color Grading
  • Dubbing
  • Voice Over
  • Sound Effects Design
  • Audio Mixing
  • Subtitling


  • Television
  • Youtube
  • Website
  • Social Media


We produced a video packed with happiness and positive vibes by using bright and pastel tones as the background colours. We used 2D and 3D motion graphics to show the celebrating events, which included sporting activities, cultural performances and world-class exhibitions. We deliberately made the number “20” prominently in each of those scenes that were creatively composed of the elements of those activities, so as to make the video interesting to watch.

The video is available in both English and Cantonese to cater for a wider audience.

Behind the scenes


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