Client: Sino GroupYear: 2020

Feel The Motion

As the digital way of life continues to grow, motion design has become a highly-demanded skillset on the market, though there seems to be a lack of understanding of its importance, and subsequently insufficient job opportunities for it in Hong Kong. Our client Sino Group, an advocate for arts, culture and design saw this as an opportunity to outreach to the local younger generation.

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  • Host and Coordinate
  • Program Design & Production
  • Website
  • Workshop training
  • Creative Concept
  • Project Management
  • Art Direction
  • Graphic Design
  • 2D Animation
  • 3D Animation
  • Sound Effects Design
  • Online Promotion
  • Offline Promotion


  • Social Media
  • Outdoor LED Wall
  • Webinar


To further advance Sino’s youth development strategy, we helped to design and build a platform of opportunities where young talents could learn and experience what the motion design industry is about.

We created an attractive branding for the annual event, namely “Feel The Motion”, and installed evolving visual stimulations as we progressed to the different stages of the event.

We developed a full fledged events programme, where renowned industry experts were invited to host talks and workshops. We aligned the brand by designing the event website, key visuals for social media and online games so the general public could join in the fun.

During the event, over 500 new members registered for it and brought 17,000 unique visitors to the site; over 132,000 engagements were gained for Instagram posts before the workshop applications ended.

Feel The Motion was such a fun event to join. I've always wanted to learn more about motion graphics, and the talks and masterclasses taught me so much!
- Macy Wong, Feel The Motion participant

We had deliberately used colours to set the tone and manner of the event and to indicate the different stages of the event.

Green and purple were aptly paired up as the main colours, as green symbolises “a new beginning” while purple stands for “creativity”. Darker colours used for the opening visuals were like a mysterious commencement to their creative journey – ideas started to form, like fluid globs that floated, changed shapes and reflected different colours as ideas collided and morphed into one another.

Lightened cybers colours were added to the visuals to reflect the participants’ enlightenment and growth in knowledge as they learn from the masters talks and workshops.

We further brightened the brand and topped up with holographic colours at the end of the programme, to exemplify a bright, brilliant and innovative future, and also to celebrate a group of newly groomed young motion design leaders.

We held a graduation ceremony for the participants of the competition, and celebrated as their awarded works were shown on the harbourfront big screen.

To make the event memorable for our guests, staff and participants, we created a series of merchandising that echoes the brand, including masks, t-shirts, pins and certificates for the participants of the competition.

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