how we work

We involve different creative team members in each of the steps we take in the Design Thinking process, so to make sure the best each and every step is well-thought through and explored to enable the best outcome for our clients.

how we work


We take time to make sense of and learn about the problem, uncover insights as we investigate to see what related work has been done and determine if the initially identified problem is really a problem. This helps us identify the niche to set the creative direction for the creative development process.

Setting the Brief

To ensure a comprehensive understanding of the end users, we dive deep into finding out the brand and audience of our clients, their experience and determine their needs to clearly set the creative brief. This serves as a strategic roadmap to demonstrate that we accurately understand the assignment, that also helps to drive our internal targets and creative approach.

Idea Development

Our team draws inspiration from different facets of life to come up with all possible ideas together, so as to obtain the best suitable solutions based on our creative strategies.


We are good at keeping stories simple, to the point and scripted to enable the target audience to understand easily. The elements used in the treatments, styleframes, storyboards, scripting and music are thoroughly considered to bring on originality to the solution.


Our experienced project managers determine the activities, duration, deliverables and milestones of each project. While effective scheduling serves as a critical part of successful time management for optimal outcome of the project, it is our responsibility to protect our client’s budget and deliver on schedule.