"from motion to eMotion"

"giving creativity a life for a moving world"


Yes, our talents are diverse in many aspects, from design to writing, from animation to direction, and cinematic photographing, and we are capable for various types of project.
We are limitless but we stay focused.
Whatever branding buildings, events promotion, new launch of products or you-name-it, we will drive it with moving pictures design. The sequence of moving pictures can carry with emotion and cast impact. People will be stunned by the power of moving pictures. Moving is engaging.


1. Understanding Client & Business

This is the foundation of our work. We will study your business. We will definitively ask numerous questions. We do researches. So that we can deliver a great porduct which fulfill your needs, in stead of just an amazing art-piece.

2. Brainstorming

Ideas, ideas, ideas.We think about them, we dream them, we overuse our brains to get ideas. And then we throw them away. We only keep the best, and we discuss to modify, to input, to make the best even better.

3. Schedule

We will set a time for every thing and every process. It is not that we want boundaries. We want to deliver our work at the exact time when fulfill your needs most, and when can cast most impact.

4. Production

Designers will first design the visual of the moving pictures to set up the overall structures for the work.
And we write the scripts, we create the motion graphics, we shoot, we do everything when it is needed.
Then we modify and we edit. We don’t stop at being good, we don’t aim at being great. We create amazements.

5. Delivery

After all the hard works, we will give you our work, and let your review, and we will take your opinions to enhance the products. This process will be done again and again, till the product will become perfect.