We tell stories

We are a group of story craftsmen.
We pour all our emotion, imagination and passion into our stories and tell them in moving images.
We only tell stories that move people.
We call our team "eMotionLAB".

We experiment

Everyone in this world is gifted.
We offer opportunities and resources to all these gifted people.
No matter, designer, web developer, animator or writer, they have all crossed the lines--the disciplines.While mastering their very own gifts, they can acquire other knowledge and skills here. Because here we let experiments happen and open up all possibilities. Trial and Better.

We innovate

There are only two ways to tell stories, boring or interesting. But the interesting stories will be come boring,
if we tell it the same way for more than once. So we throw every old ideas into the garbage, we kick out every old method, and we do it with joy. Every new project, we start from zero, and hence we create nothing audience would have expected. We deliver surprise.

We cast magic

Every brand wants to be known and be remembered. Every company want people to come to them. But not everyone know the magic. And the magic is actually simple nowadays, it is feeling.
Nothing can ignite people's feeling better than a good story. Having a story and a feeling rooted in people's mind , a brand will come alive, and so people will come. And it is what we craft for and what we love to do.
Come to us and we will help you tell a good story great.